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MUSH Setting

On behalf of all of the Mush Administration, as well as its Players, we would like to welcome you to our WWW Homepage. We are very proud of the accomplishments we have made in the past 3 years (er.. is that yahrens?) and we look forward to following the "Road less traveled" towards a truly unique experience in Internet Role-playing.

While some of the things we do may not seem new, we try to approach everything with a fresh perspective. Things are either created and designed from scratch, or they are engineered from an improved or alternate perspective to the common practices that seem to have arisen on Internet Mushes. Much of the focus of our systems is in allowing as much character definition as possible, while also in turn allowing as much Player control as possible. The result is a blend of detail and personal choices that will enhance your role-playing experience on the Mush.

We heartily invite one and all to venture forth into the world of the Battlestar Galactica and the last vestiges of the 12 colonies of man. If this is your first foray as a Galactican do not despair, many of our players do not even remember the original airing of the television show in the late 70's, but thanks in part to the wealth of mythological and historical references built into the story itself, and also to the wealth of resources, theme material, references, logs, and player discussion available, most have shown that they can quickly grasp what is going on in the grand scheme of things... and just possibly fall in love with the theme as many of us already have.

Journey with us into this epic saga...


Battlestar Galactica and related material are copyright 1978 Universal Studios. The Mush and this website are for recreational and informational purposes only and are maintained with no intent to infer ownership or infringe on the copyright of the owners.

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